The Mint-X Guide for Best Results

The Mint-X Guide for Best Results

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Mint-X Frequently Asked Questions


I used Mint-X for the first time last night and it looks like the rodents still tried to get into the trash. Is it not working?

Rodents are creatures of habit. This is the very reason why the same rodents tear into your trash every night. Just as they learned that your house or property is the one with the good food, they will learn that your trash is now the one that has trash that smells of terrible mint and they'll learn to stay away.

Mint-X Trash Bags have been proven to reduce animal-torn bags after one week of repetitive usage. If you just bought Mint-X Trash Bags and noticed that your bags were still torn into after the first night of usage, it's OK, that’s normal. Continue using Mint-X Trash Bags. The rodents will soon learn to stay away from your trash area altogether.

Most importantly, remember that it’s the scent of the bag that keeps raccoons and rodents away, so for larger and more aggressive rodents, it’s important to make sure the scent is the strongest when the trash is left out for collection. You can do this by double-bagging your trash with a fresh Mint-X bag before putting it outside. You only need to do this for the first few weeks so that you ensure that the rodents are experiencing Mint-X when the scent is strongest.

Are Mint-X additives all-natural?

The ingredients listed on the box are plant-derived essential oils. Even Methyl Salicylate, which is also known as “Oil of Wintergreen,” is a plant-derived oil.

Active Ingredients
Mint-X features a patented blend of natural oils approved for use by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

Camphor Oil 0.184%
Cornmint Oil 0.288%
Eucalyptus Oil 0.040%
Methyl Salicylate 0.288%
Polyethylene 99.20%
Total 100%

Why does the box say “Caution” and “Keep Out Of Reach Of Children”?

When used as intended, Mint-X Trash Bags are proven safe for human contact – the special additives are all-natural ingredients – but because Mint-X bags are designed for pest management, they are registered as a biopesticide in Canada with Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency and in the United States with the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that we must include this language on the boxes. If you have questions about the ingredients used in Mint-X bags, please email us.

How much more expensive is a Mint-X Trash Bag than a regular trash bag?

Mint-X bags are not any more expensive than the national brands, and they come with the bonus performance characteristics of mint. In fact, they cost much less than fancy gimmicks, traps or extermination services.

I don't have rodents: should I still use Mint-X Trash Bags?

Absolutely. Look at the Mint-X bag as an insurance policy. It is much harder to get rid of rodents once they have become a problem; it’s easier to prevent the problem in the first place. Raccoons and rats searching for new sources of food will avoid your home or building if the trash they encounter smells of mint.

What does the bag smell like?

The bag smells like a breath mint. So while it smells great to us, rodents’ more sensitive olfactory tissues experience it much more strongly. In addition to being a deterrent, Mint-X Trash Bags also reduce the unpleasant smell of bagged garbage too.

Will the Mint-X bag work on bears?

Mint-X Trash Bags have not been tested for efficacy against bears. Therefore, we cannot recommend their use in this manner.

Will the mint scent rub off on my hands and clothes?

No. The mint scent is added during the manufacturing (extrusion) process so the scent becomes part of the plastic and will not rub off on your hands or clothes.

Is the Mint-X bag harmful to my pets, children, me?

No. Mint-X Trash Bags are classified as a "Minimum Risk Pesticide" as well as a "Biopesticide". This means that there are no health risks to humans, animals or the environment. The bag is 100% safe to handle just like a regular trash bag.

El-En Packaging Company Ltd. and Polykar Industries Inc. make no guarantee that these techniques will completely eliminate a rodent problem. Mint-X Trash Bags will dissuade rodents from tearing into trash bags but additional steps may be needed to eliminate rodent problems completely. Please consult your local pest management professional if additional steps are required.

* Mint-X Trash Bags are proven effective against the common brown rat (Norway rat) and raccoons