An all-natural pest control strategy

The Mint-X Trash Bag offers a new way to discourage rodents* and raccoons from using residential garbage bins as dinner buffets. Using the natural properties of mint, the Mint-X Trash Bag keeps rodents and pests away without chemicals, traps or complicated trash-storage systems.

Each Mint-X bag is scented with a proprietary additive in the extrusion stage of manufacturing, infusing each bag with a natural mint smell. This scent is an irritant to many pests, including rats, raccoons and other rodents, causing them to leave your trash bags alone in favour of others that don’t emit such a “terrible” smell.

Mint-X Trash Bags are newly available for retail and commercial sale in Canada. Be among the first national retailers and distributors to carry this exciting new product.

Why mint? And how does it work?

El-En Packaging Company Ltd. and Polykar Industries Inc. make no guarantee that these techniques will completely eliminate a rodent problem. Mint-X Trash Bags will dissuade rodents from tearing into trash bags but additional steps may be needed to eliminate rodent problems completely. Please consult your local pest management professional if additional steps are required.

* Mint-X Trash Bags are proven effective against the common brown rat (Norway rat) and raccoons