Where can Mint-X be used?

Mint-X Trash Bags can be used anywhere raccoons and rats can access garbage or garbage receptacles. The following list includes common examples of places that Mint-X can be used effectively:

  • Residential Homes

    The only thing worse than having to clean up after a raccoon garbage-bin break-in is the knowledge that it’s probably going to happen again the next night or next week. The unique smell of Mint-X Trash Bags not only dissuades raccoons and rats from ripping bags open, it interrupts the creatures’ natural tendency to visit the same food source over and over again. As a side benefit, Mint-X Trash Bags also help mask the smell of garbage while it’s waiting for pickup.

  • Residential Apartment Buildings

    If raccoons and rats consider residential homes a hearty source of snacks, it’s likely condominiums and apartments are viewed as all-you-can-eat buffets. Property managers can specify Mint-X for their buildings’ common garbage receptacles and encourage residents to use them as well. Few things are more unnerving than having an unexpected furry head pop out of a dumpster when you’re taking out your weekly trash! In addition, Mint-X Trash Bags can help reduce the smell of food-related garbage in these high-volume areas.

  • Food Service Providers and Restaurants

    Although raccoons and rats are unwelcome in most places people live and work, they are especially significant nuisances for food service providers. Mint-X Trash Bags, available in commercial sizes and counts, are ideal for these establishments. If Mint-X Trash Bags are used exclusively by an establishment, they can reduce or eliminate pest problems in outdoor garbage areas over time, making employees feel safer when taking out garbage and reducing chances rodents will make their way indoors.

  • Parks and Recreational Facilities

    Parks and recreational centres bring communities together, but the invitation doesn’t extend to rats and racoons. Mint-X Trash Bags for outdoor trash receptacles are a safe and natural way to keep these pests away and are safe for human contact. This benefits both the parks users and the animals themselves, as they will no longer be attracted to human-heavy areas for their nutritional needs.

  • Schools, Universities
    Prisons, Corporations

    Large-volume food providers are irresistible to pests of all kinds. Keep raccoons and rats away with Mint-X Trash Bags for commercial applications. The bags will not only reduce visits from unwanted pests over time, they keep common trash areas cleaner and safer for employees.

  • Cities and Municipalities

    Mint-X Trash Bags allow housing authorities and property managers to take steps to eliminate raccoon and rat sightings in and around the garbage areas of the properties under their care. All natural and safe for human contact, Mint-X Trash Bags are a chemical and extermination-free way to reduce or eliminate rodent and raccoon invasions to high-volume trash areas.