Top 5 reasons to buy Mint-X Trash Bags

Why should you trust your pest management to a mint-scented bag?

  1. Mint-X is a chemical-free pest-control strategy, safe for humans and the environment.
  2. Mint-X is animal-friendly: no traps, poisons or exterminations necessary.
  3. Mint-X helps keeps homes, yards and garages cleaner by stopping raccoons, rats and other pests from destroying loaded garbage bags.
  4. Mint-X is easy: rather than relying on complicated and ineffective gadgets, gimmicks, and unsightly storage solutions, home owners can simply replace their current trash bags with Mint-X.
  5. Mint-X provides peace of mind: no one likes going into a dark backyard with raccoons or rats lurking around. Get rid of them for good!

El-En Packaging Company Ltd. and Polykar Industries Inc. make no guarantee that these techniques will completely eliminate a rodent problem. Mint-X Trash Bags will dissuade rodents from tearing into trash bags but additional steps may be needed to eliminate rodent problems completely. Please consult your local pest management professional if additional steps are required.

* Mint-X Trash Bags are proven effective against the common brown rat (Norway rat) and raccoons